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  1. tostos

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    Tom is here
    I'm new. So far have only bicycles: racing and mountain.
    For a long time I'm thinking about something to support my ride from house to my work (25 kilometers) to not enter company completely sweaty.
    Important think for me is to have this kind of solution that allow me also peddaling on my way back without any drag - something like staton with freewheel sprocket, subaru-robin engine and nuvinci but I'm very aware of thw weight of this system. Don't know what is the total weight but probably this is very heavy.

    Do you know any other solution that can fullfill my reqiurements.
    There is something interesting in Poland but the engine power seems to be not enough for me.
    But have a look: http://www.bimoto.pl/index.php?s=1&l=pl


  2. echotraveler

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    welcome to the forum...... that little motor looks super cool! i would dig that setup, since you can use the gears in your bike...
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    G'day man & welcome to MBc.
    Personally i would not get this setup cos of the high minimum seat requirement & the fact it can't be used on dual-suspension MTB's....plus the 25cc is underpowered.
    Not a bad idea though.
  4. tostos

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    than what would you recommend bearing in mind my requirements?
  5. fetor56

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    I don't know your FULL requirements....2-stroke or 4-stroke/frame mount or rear mount/dual-suspension/price/drivetrain,etc.
    By the sounds of it Staton would be best but there's also many other systems out there that might suit your particular needs better.
    Start a thread being more specific & let everyone chime-in.
  6. tostos

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    where shall I start new thread
  7. tostos

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    My requirements are following:
    4 stroke engine
    no dual suspenssion
    engine using bicycle gear (if possible)
    no drag when peddaling!!!!
    mounting position - no requirements
    price - doesn't matter
  8. fetor56

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    General Discussion.
  9. seanhan

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    Check out this one

    This is a great kit for the commuter.
    very relible, nice engine choice..
    2 or 4 stroke...
    Very Easy install ..
  10. andyszyd

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    Witaj to mowi Floryda US


    Sorry, my original post was meant as a private message to Tostos, I messed up the routing.

    Greetings from Florida, the Bimoto kit is interesting, probably better solution for multispeed setup than Nuvinci (ridiculously heavy, half of weight of the lightest bikes) Bimoto is possibly better and more reliable than the jack shaft.
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  11. Turtle Tedd

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    Welcome from Florida...a fellow Pole here in the sunshine state...USA
  12. Esteban

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    I like that little motor kit . While it won't have the top speed many want, it is probably ideal in European locations, & is more likely to be legal. If you are not very heavy, & use a lightweight bike, it would probably be fast enough. The little motor in my avatar is 1hp, & it was fast enough.