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    I'm new to motored bikes. I ordered a kit off Ebay and am eager to get it! I'm a little concerned about the legality of it in my county, but I read that Washington state allows them if the bike is registered as a moped. I wasn't aware of that state law until after I ordered the kit (plus, I ordered a 80cc kit). Are they really sticklers about this? Anyway, I'm glad to be here and will try to be a positive member.

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    Hi Quick 1
    if you ride it sensibly and obey the rules of the road then you should not get any problems all the cops i have spoken with have been real interested and said carry on and be safe
    my .02 wear a helmet have lights and a horn of some kind and keep a good eye on whats happening welcome to motored bikes
    ps: are you going to the rally !
  3. Quick1

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    Between my job and being a full-time student, I don't have much free time. Where and when is the rally?
  4. JE

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    Ocean park Washington August 30th and 31st.
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    Sounds like fun! The coast at the end of summer- perfect! That will actually happen between summer & fall quarters. So, I'll see if I can get those days off (I work weekends). Lets hope the weather holds.