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    :grin5:Hi I have had a motorized bike for closer to 5 years now!!I bought one of the early kit's boy is there alot more!!!! out there now whitch i knew,
    there would be. I am on a fixed income so i finaly got enough to buy gears
    kit.I wish i had not got it from the cheaper place!! ,Ive had nothing but
    problems, I consider myself an awsome mechanic? but, I'll tell you what!!!
    the whole thing hinges on the freewheel if it's not good enough to handle,
    the strain!! just should have waited to get heavy duty free wheel!! I was so
    upset i took the whole thing back to the way it was, I have 36 tooth spocket
    on left side. At least it's reliable!! until i can get the better parts, the spokets
    that came with are *****able they are consentric a bit instead of round you
    cant posibly rely on that!! since the play to critical of role!! in the operation
    to be correct!!! i advise anyone that has plans for gear kit get the best one
    the newly designed one, With the heavy duty freewheel!!! & the stuff i got
    was metric had to replace whole shaft going to put snap rings instead of
    set screws i ordered a 11 tooth special it actually works right!! butt$$$$ im:sweatdrop:
    out for the stuff that is useless !! pretty agravating but i allways figure it out

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    I live in Salem, I got a grubee 49cc from gasbike.net (kings) and it has workrd like a champ right out of the box, the 44t sprocket fit my chinese cruiser axle, carb tuning is tricky but it ran first try, still on breakin I have 30mi on it so far. It all took some fabrication and replacing cheap bolts with grade 8 bolts and studs to get everything lined up and tight. DO you have problems with cops in Portland? they are bored here and looking for revenue so I am really careful. I am going through all the hoops to get it licensed now $30 bucks for a 30 day paper tag. I am determined to get DMV to title register and plate it as as ASSM. moped. You do have to be a tinkering mechanic to build this stuff. And no one makes a MC quality lighting sysem that has been the hardest for me to fabricate.
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    hey, im over at 'couve across the bridge. I love these things when they are working right. Mine has been going good for about 700 miles. Good luck and were running out of good weather around here and since our 2-week summer is over then it is time to expect rain.
    Gray days are mellow.

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    I am in Bend! And welcome!!!!!
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    nice to see other soggy bikers

    Well its nice to see a few more soggy motorbikers in OR and WA. I know that in WA it seems easier to ride legally. Has anyone done the full registration, plates and insurance here in OR or do you all just take chances with officer oppie? As I said they are bored and looking for money here so they will try anything to write tickets (and my ride is flashy). SO I am trying to go the legal route and it is getting expensive just in forms and fees $96 bucks just for registration alone. I am just wondering if any others in OR have plates and are street legal or do you just take your chances?
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    I thought Oregon was 'cool' like that.

    I swear I have read somewhere that in Oregon MB is okay as long as you stay off the sidewalks and bike lanes when the engine is running and that regular lane travel was legal as long as when the motor is running you have to stay on the road. Her in Vancouver (I don't know how the rest of Washingtonians are treated) I love it. I have yet to get harassment from any officers; I actually get a few head nods and smiles from officers. My only real issue is I wish people would just stop touching my bike. I understand curiosity, but I have actually caught people playing with my petcocks and taking off my gas cap to see if there was really gas in it and then since their not aware and/our paying attention I end up having to rush to clean gas off my tank before it ruins the paint. I just want to know if these people would touch or lean on someones Harley. I doubt it. We should see about organizing a MB race at PIR. I have no experience with the racetrack, buy I know there has to be someone who knows someone. I am envious of the folks down in Arizona when Spooky Tooth puts on their Death Race. A fun filled race sounds like fun. Then maybe a visit to the pub afterward. Maybe invite a scooter club down to see how well MB hold up against moped. That would be great "Wet Race 2011 Mopeds VS. Motored Bikes".
    Have a nice Gray Day
    PS. Anyone know where to get a locking gas cap for these kit tanks or if any existing caps at the parts store will fit?