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    I'm about to build my first motorized bike, just looking into options first to see what might work best. My plan is to do something like this recumbent but with a visibly and weight wise smaller motor:

    Not sure how you embed youtube here, I'll try what I'm familair with:

    I want that kind of power, and stronger than bike tires to handle the speed though, and don't care about pedaling other than I have to have pedals to be legal and it has to appear to be a bicycle. (I have multiple crushed vertibrae and collapsed disks, too much pain to pedal.) I should almost be allowed to break the rules by law if I got a handicap sticker on her. :)
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    Welcome to MBc. I hope you can do the best you can with your physical problems.
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    welcome to the forum

    welcome to the forum,,
    This is a great place to find out more and get help.
    and yes i agree that access for disabilities should be more accommodating.

    good luck and enjoy..
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    nwo, a bit of advice. Oregon law says that the maximum allowable displacement of a gas engine on an "engine assisted bicycle" is 35 cc. Tiny, but enough to be effective at low speeds.

    However, Oregon law also allows a VERY WIDE range of discretion to physicians as regards what they may prescribe as assistant devices to their patients. My younger sister lives in Oregon, and suffers from congenital degenerative disc disease. Some years ago I designed a "micro-car" for her that is a hybrid powered 4 wheeler - on the streets it is gas powered and will hit 35 mph, but she can shut that off and transition to electric power and drive it inside the stores.

    Talk to your doctor.