Hello from Portland Oregon.

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  1. Philllthy

    Philllthy New Member

    Hello MB veterans,

    Here is a list of things that I am:
    *New to this forum
    *A resident of Portland Oregon
    *A Welder / Fabricator by trade
    *Forever working on my Cranbrook build

    Now you know me. I love tinkering with these bikes and look forward to gleaning information, stealing ideas:devil2: and contributing to the pool of knowledge!
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  2. mcchicken messiah

    mcchicken messiah New Member

    Hey man, newbie here too... Nice to meet you, hope to see your tinkering soon!
  3. leo_bialystock

    leo_bialystock New Member

    I have a Cranbrook too!!! Help me motorize it!!!

    Hi Philllthy,

    I have a 26" Huffy Cranbrook Men's Bike Cruiser, Midnight Blue. Can you help me motorize my bike?

    I know absolutely nothing about bikes, motors, mechanics, or engineering. I just love to ride. I don't know which motor kit to buy and which parts are best. I know that additional parts and installation are needed to minimize vibrations. I'm afraid I could break it if I try the install since it is a Wally World bike (it was a Black Friday deal).

    Thank you!
  4. mcchicken messiah

    mcchicken messiah New Member

    There's quite a bit of information regarding doing specifically what you're referring to in these forums. I'd suggest looking around awhile, maybe posting a thread with more specific details about what you're trying to do. etc, etc
  5. nishikidrift

    nishikidrift Member

    hey phillthy, I'm from portland as well i've been looking for people to cruise with. how are along is your build?