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    hi just introducing myself , I am jerry they call me the scooter guy , i fix allot of scooters , but my specialty is building scooterbikes , my own style of motorized mountainbike that uses a motor mount bracket that i designed myself . to mount a basic 33 43 49cc motor to a mountainbike and off you go . i like the 49cc motors . they are road legal in oregon ,and have more than enough power to push even 300lbs . they shift gears and ride just like a bike but no pedaling , i can race an 80cc bike conversion kit and win with my 49cc , a rocket key helps a little but it the fact thay my scooterbike uses the gears on the bike really helps . , so i am looking forward to trading tips and showing off my projects , my latest and almost finished is a chrome west coastchopper bike i just put a motor on it . still getting the kinks out

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    hey Jerry, welcome aboard
    I'm looking forward to seeing some pics of your builds
    good luck and happy motoring
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    Good morning, Jerry. Welcome to the forum.
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    hi scoot; do you mean you cant pedal?