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  1. DaveA

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    Hi everyone,

    my daughter and I are going to take a shot at building a 2-stroke beach cruiser for her to commute to campus with. First ever attempt at a project like this so I thought I would reach out to the community for advice. I will be asking many questions :)

    Dave A.

  2. LR Jerry

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    Before you buy any kit look up your local laws for motorized bicycles/mopeds some places consider them to be the same thing. Ask around see if the cops harass motorized bicycle riders. In some places they're very strict. Others even illegal builds aren't harassed as long as you obey all traffic laws.
  3. DaveA

    DaveA New Member

    Thanks Jerry. We did confirm with campus that anything under 50cc is allowed and can be parked in the bike racks. I know in general North Carolina requires no permit/license for motors under 50cc but I'll check with local law enforcement to be sure.

    Dave A