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    Hello, I'm 15 years old, I live in Rhode Island, and have been interested in motored bikes for a while now. I finally purchased an 80cc (70cc) kit from PowerKingShop and it's coming within a few weeks! I've been browsing these forums a lot so hopefully I won't have too many problems setting it up, but I will be sure to ask the forums if I do.

    Thanks In advance.

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  2. bluegoatwoods

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    Hello Jordan and welcome.

    It sounds like your are on the right track; reading as much as you can while waiting for your engine is time very well spent. You'll learn a lot. The people here are friendly and helpful. And some of them have advice that is pure gold. You'll come across some of it while you're reading.

    So have fun and we'll see you around.
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    Another 15yr old, I'm only 15 myself. Welcome to the forum.

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    welcome aboard Jordan
    lots of info here
    looks like you're getting your motor from the same folks me bro got his and I'm getting mine.
    read read read
    that's the best suggestion I can give you. It's what I've been doing since I've been waiting on my motor. (mine should be here on the 14th)