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    Hey there everyone, My name is Robert.. I just got into these bikes after helping my buddy Jim (animal454) on here with his.. and I rode his for the first time last week and now I am hooked and want to build me one.

    I picked up a Micargi Puma stretched today. now I will be in the process of adding a motor to it.

    I am into collecting/ playing with large scale RC's, Watches, Restoring my 64' Cadillac and of course my family comes first..

    I look forward to gaining tons of knowledge from the members here and getting help building my bike..

    if anyone knows a kit for the Micargi's please shoot me a message..

    here is the bike as it sits now.. I took off the decals on the frame..


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    Man, they let anyone in here don't they?!?!?!...LOL

    Hola Roberto..
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    just ordered my engine kit...

    should be some fun times and custom fabrication in my future..