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  1. olle

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    Hello from Russia. I started building bikes recently and I really liked your sayt.Ya love and want to build a custom bike from scratch.

  2. DJ Raizer

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    Hello olle from Russia! welcome to MBc! I am new to bike building also. This is a great site to learn from.
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    Hi Welcome!
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    Please tell us more about what Europeans ride . Are you running a Chinese built kit, or one made in U S S R ? Plenty of parts vendors in USA , how is it there ?
  6. DJ Raizer

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    I've heard the russian motors are pretty cool, and I am a BIG fan of russian engineering!
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  8. olle

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    This engine, of which the Chinese made ​​F-50, they are difficult to buy.These engines do not do in 1992.
    I use the F-80. Unfortunately in America, parts get very complicated. We send from China.
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