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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by abikerider, May 3, 2009.

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    Hi, I'm new to motorized biking and am ready to order my first kit. It looks like it will probably be the EZ Motorbike kit. I've ridden and worked on bicycles all my life so the installation should be pretty easy. It is great to have this forum as a resource should I have problems or questions. Thanks.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    You're a rare breed, abikerider - a cyclist who open-minded enough to consider power-assistance. Most cyclists turn their nose up at engines.

    What's your reason? fun, distance or hills?
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    Welcome from Oz

    Hey Bikerider..ENO (Down Under)..Welcome to MBc..Good to get global..I built my bike "standing on my head" as everything down here is always upside down..See ya
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    Reasons for trying motorized biking

    Hi HibriDude,
    I just don't always feel like riding 20 miles in 105 degree heat :sweatdrop: to get some groceries from Trader Joe's (a local specialty supermarket). Plus it would shorten the time it takes to do errands on my bike without dragging 2500 lbs of metal and plastic along for the ride. Plus it just plain old looks fun! I probably will catch some flack from cycling friends of mine but I would never let that stop me from doing new things.

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    Hi Eno

    Nice to see people from all over here, more perspectives equals more creative solutions to problems. It's OK if you built your bike upside down as long as you keep the rubber on the road while riding it :grin5:.

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    I had not thought about the heat angle. For me its time, distance, heavy duty applications.

    I go on the Critical Mass Rides and talk to the organisers and remind them that I could not participate unless I had power assistance. Home for me is 450 metres up the mountain. I don't have the time to spend all night getting home after a ride. Eventually they'll get the message.
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    word of advice from another noob who went through heck putting his bike together...if any of bolts used to mount anything appear to be aluminum go to your local hardware store and replace them! Trust me these things break TO EASY! Also I don't have the link on saved on this computer but I'm sure one of these guys can give to you....its a link with complete instructions on how to install the kit...most instruction books are useless!

    Well good luck from Texas and remember everything is bigger in Texas especially our determination to finish motorized bikes :) have fun riding and keep trying if anything goes run with the bike!
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    Welcome aboard

    I'm from Chico and you have found a great place to learn and share ideas. Like you, bicycles have been a part of my life since I was a pup. When I was in Jr. High (1966), I stripped down a bike and put on the largest knobby tires I could find and that was my Jeep/bike. On my first adventure, I pushed the bike up a somewhat brushy hill in Riverside, CA, planning on doing a little downhill, what happened next was that my chain came off, maybe teased off by a brushy stick, and down the hill I went at a seriously increasing speed since I now had no brakes. Fortunately, the large bush I aimed at slowed me enough that it didn't hurt when I hit the ground. That was the last time I tried that, too bad I didn't have the where-with-all to explore the idea of mountain biking since this was long before that venue. Motorized bikes are really fun and very nostalgic since the first motorcycles, were mopeds. Welcome aboard!

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