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    I recently thought it would be fun to get a motorized bicycle for my needs, since I didn't want to pay the costs associated with owning a car. Boy it has been a nightmare in some respects, and more expensive than I originally estimated. I bought a cheap beach cruiser from Wal Mart and then bought an 80/66cc motor from Ebay and had many issues putting it all together, so I ultimately hired somebody to do it. Well he had issues too and the whole thing has been a huge learning experience that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. Long story short, I just now got it working to the best condition that it's ever been in. (It's now 6/28/2014) and I've been in possession of it since Easter, but it's still not exactly right and so I've found that this site will be way more beneficial to me in solving the remaining issues. I like tinkering, and I love riding the bike, but this thing kicks my butt at times, and I could probably use the calming expertise of the locals here when I'm thinking about blowing the whole thing up. IMG_20140601_194248.jpg IMG_20140601_194331.jpg

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    Your experience is not unique.
    Everyone who gets into this game goes through the same painful experience. It took me two years of pain and heartache (and vast sums of money) to get my bike reliable; enabling long distance touring without the endless mechanical and electrical issues that plagues these engines.
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    Yeah it's funny now to read the ad on ebay for the engine I bought. It says "1 to 2 hours to install" hahah....more like 1 to 2 months to install and work out all the bugs that come with it. And then get ready to purchase more parts almost as soon as you get it going. Sprocket, exhaust, chain, spark plug and wire, maybe a new carb, and then replacing the junk that initially came on the bike, like inner tubes, tires, wheel hubs ....it just goes on and on. I'm over $600 invested in something I thought was going to run me $250 -$300 max. Of course a lot of that money is in accessories too..like the bike lock, chain, and helmet.
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    They might say it takes 1 to 2 hours to install, but it takes between 1 to 2 years to get the thing to run properly, after you have purchased just about every aftermarket upgrade there is to buy.

    A while ago i crunched the numbers (including all of the spare parts and accessories i have bought and including all of the parts that have been replaced in normal wear and tear over nearly 5 years) and including my custom built bicycle trailers and uni-wheel trailer, the figure came out to an eye watering amount of $11,000 - you didn't read wrong - eleven thousand dollars invested in that damn motorised bicycle.

    I had to sit down and take a sedative after adding it all up.

    It's also not a coincidence that the motorised bicycle destroyed 2 of my relationships in the process of achieving rock solid mechanical reliability, but i enjoy riding my bike more than riding my (now) ex-girlfriends.
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