Hello from San Diego with a few ebikes



Hello all. I'm from San Diego, and have been working on electric bikes for fun for a few years now. My history in ebikes:

-A 12 volt Zap system on a Greenspeed trike; big lead acid battery, two brushed motors

-A 24 volt Currie ProDrive conversion on a trailer (so I could leave the bike unmodified)

-A Wavecrest M-750X nimh based bike. This has since had a li-ion battery added to it.

-A homebrew bike, with Townie 8 frame (long wheelbase) Crystalyte X-5304 rear hub motor, Xlyte controller and a 38.4 amp hour 36 volt li-ion battery up front. (Switchable to a 72 volt system when the need for speed strikes me.)

Pictures of the last two are in the pictures forum. Future improvements include a better power regulator for the li-ion batteries and a PPT solar charger for the 36 volt system.



Well welcome to the group and you have probably went down Electric Avenue. From the Grand side of Texas


i always love seeing new e-riders...it seems like a hard crowd to draw because y'all have a few nice, active places going already. but, motoredbiking folks is a "one for all and all for one" class of folks, imo...i'm so hoping to see a litle bit of everything at the first annual MBc rally. i wish i could participate in the "electric avenue" topics here, but i'd simply be wasting keystrokes...not an e-rider yet, but someday i'll experience 20+mph of silent speed :)

welcome to the MBc :cool: