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    I've been lurking here for a while, as I'm working on my first build - a kustom kruiser roadster stretch beach cruiser. I'm installing one of the powerking kits from ebay. So far, so good. There have been a few issues, but I've gotten through them. I mounted the motor using the seat post in the rear, and a front mount I made from brackets from home depot. The sprocket needed reaming out to accommodate the coaster brake hub, and I recessed the bolts to clear the coaster brake arm. I added a front caliper brake I got from spookytooth, but would like to go with something more powerful (maybe a drum?) that will work with the springer fork, if anyone has any ideas. I'll post pics and details of the build when I'm done and ready to unveil it. Lots of good info in these forums!:grin:

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    hey there midlifecrisis, perfect nic btw
    welcome aboard, like you said there's lots of good info round here
    I'm looking forward to seeing your build.
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    Welcome to the forum. I will be especially interested in the progress of your build as I plan to build 2 of the same bike for next winters project. I already have the bikes. They are super comfy and really laid back compared to my choppers. I think your front hub has 32 spokes so a Sturmey Archer XF-D hub brake should work (double check to make sure). The rim would have to be relaced with shorter spokes. A bike shop could do this for you in a criss-cross pattern which will provide additional strength to the wheel. Good luck and can't wait to see your pictures!!
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    Hellbilly, thanks! The S-A hub is exactly what I need. With the dyno, its only $65. It is a 36 spoke hub, as is my front wheel, so it should work out perfectly. I'd like to lace it up myself, so I'll dig up some how-to info on that. I got the bike running yesterday, and took some pictures, so I'm going to post a thread on the build today. BTW, I really like your Nirve choppers. When I was looking at bikes, one of the shops had a green Nirve chopper with a front disc brake that I was seriously considering. Your "Red Barron" is definitely one of the nicest builds I've seen. When I was looking at the green Nirve at the shop, I was picturing a teardrop chopper gas tank (like the chopper in Easy Rider) perched on top of the frame.
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    The fuel tanks on mine are in the top tube of the frame. Is the SA hub the same width as your original hub? If so, it should be the ticket. You will need to supply your own handle as it did not come with the ones that I ordered. I am going over to General Discussion now, I see we are going to have alot to talk about. Peace!
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    Welcome from Lakeside -- just a few miles from San Diego.. Very good riding out here in the lower mountains ! Happy Riding from - Mountainman