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    Hey All,
    Here is my first post, as requested. I live in San Francisco, work as a mechanical engineer in energy efficiency (Graduated in June from Cal Poly SLO with a BSME), and I am looking to buy a kit to build a motored bike up from parts (right now I am looking at a spooky tooth kit). It would be kind of a side project for myself to keep my hands dirty, since in the real world of engineering most jobs seem to be a little more "hands off" than I would prefer. It would also be fun to mob around SF and see the sights on a motored bike. I would also like to ride it across the Golden Gate Bridge and into Marin and back.

    Well there's my story! Hope to interact more with you all soon. My purchase window will be in the next couple months (student loan payments slow these kinds of things down).


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    Welcome to MBc.
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    welcome to the forum. Also just to let you know a couple of guys here on this website are from san jose, and we are trying to set up a ride. A san jose motor-bike party if you will. Or we could set up something close to san jose, and san francisco, or just ride san francisco too. It is fun to ride up there. check our discussion here: