Hello from San Francisco


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Feb 11, 2008
Hi All. I'm currently building two cruisers powered by 70cc 2-stroke in-frame motors. Mine is a more "stretched" cruiser and my wife's is more upright. Both are by Electra. Otherwise, I'm an avid cyclist as a mtn biker and am also currently building a mtn bike tandem concurrently. I also toy around on a mtn unicycle (with no motor involved, obviously.)

I also love motorcycles and ride a Triumph Speed Triple and have a 2 wheel drive Ural "Gear-Up" (arctic camo) sidecar rig on order and to arrive this spring. I'm into cafe-racer type bikes, scramblers and "adventure tourers." I enjoy downhill longboarding (carving) and my next project will likely be some sort of skate propulsion devise either a push or pull (imagine a motorized bike trailer that you hold in hand or a motorized wheelbarrow--that would be the closest match, I think and its been done before.)

And while I'm usually a lurker, I'm an internet forum addict. I reside daily on several each: motorcycling, sword and traditional martial arts (koryu), skateboarding, knife making, experimental aviation (gyroplane), mtn biking, kiteboarding, surfing, snowboarding, and now this one.

A nice community you all have here,