Hello from Santa Barbara county, CA

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  1. nicobie

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    I just put together what I think might be the cheapest ebike with a hub motor around right now. Bike from Walmart $112, Golden Motor front hub kit for $339, 3 - 11ah sla batteries off the bay for $83 delivered and about $15 for misc. stuff. A friend gave me the rear rack. I suppose I should add in the $25 for the second charger as it seems I did the obligatory "let the smoke out" while checking polarity.:cry:

    Anyway, for around about $550 I got a bike that will go 20 mph for 10+ miles without pedaling. It might not be the top of the line, but it sure puts a smile on my face when I'm riding it. I should have done this years ago.:grin::grin::grin:

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  2. BillieMarie

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    Welcome, and looking good :) Nice job
  3. quay1962

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    Hello and welcome to MBc...yes that was the plan wasn't it? look at my sig lol...have a wonderful day and enjoy the ride...
  4. james e

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    Hi nocbie;

    Where abouts in SB country are you?

  5. nicobie

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    Hi James,

    I live in Lompoc.