Hello from Seattle - 4 stroke??



Hello name is James I can't drive anymore and my bmx bike got stolen so I need to get a new bike and I want to motorize. Anyways.

I've been looking on this forum and around online at kits like GEBE and Staton. It rains here so I was thinkin the belt drive not a good idea.. and the Staton gear drive seems great except the losing power part. not to mention the price. SO I guess I should go with kinda piecing one together.

It seems to me like most people on here have 70-80cc Chinese two stroke engines.. ARE THESE LOUD?? compared to 4-stroke. Reason why I am asking is because I will be riding through neighborhoods and kinda city like environment.. I was considering the Honda GX-25 or GX-35 4-stroke because I heard they are quiet.. but why don't I see anyone on here mounting them in the frame like the Chinese engines? I've only seen them Rack Mounted like GEBE and Staton.

Mainly my concerns are that I live in a sometimes rainy place, the engine needs to be somewhat QUIET, and I dont want to really pedal up hills.. =D
oh yeah im like 150 lbs if that helps..

If anyone could give me some guidance or tips that would be great.

Oh yeah.. I haven't picked out a bike either so if you are in the Seattle area.. gimme a holler.


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Dec 15, 2006
welcome to MBc
ask down in general discussion or look around in resources and check out the vendors
there are a few here (myself included) waiting for a reliable 4stroke frame mount ... there always seems to be a problem with the gearboxes


So do you think if i want a four stroke i should be better off rack mounting..? does the chinese motors come in kits? sorry so basic questions.. im new



Hi jimmy,

i live in ocean pk washington...i have a 2 stroke thatsdax 70cc engine...it's quiet enough to ride to the restaurant at 5:30 am through the neiborhood! That was when i first bought it...now i have to commute 12 miles one way! The 2 stroke in my opinion needs to be maintained daily as you can see in general disscussion, tech/mech and other useful threads...it's all there if one takes the time to read the "archives"! well anyway welcome man! and if you are in the mood there is the monthly MBc bbq on the 22nd of july, in Ocean Park, you are more than welcome to come and shmooze with the the group...glad your here!
BTW...good luck and happy motoring!
Ciao! :D :eek: :cool: :p