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    Hey everyone, TyphoonJay here

    just wanted to say what's up to everyone on here and see what the diggs are around this joint. I'm new to the motor bike world and I'm on my first build ever with very little to no experience whatsoever. I'm pretty smart I feel, so I don't think getting this bad boy up on my vintage typhoon should be too much of a problem.

    So far, I had to order a couple aftermarket parts for my ride. The pedals I have now wouldn't clear the engine so I had to buy a wide set crank. Hopefully this solves my problem. Second, the frame of the Schwinn Typhoon is a little wide and the front mount wouldn't connect to the lower bar I guess you would call it so I had to order the vibration reducing motor mount for 15$. None of these parts have come in yet so I will keep updating this post or thread.

    Anyways, hello to all! I hope to get to know people and build good relationships with you all and learn as much as I possibly can so my build can be complete come summer but hopefully by spring. If you have any questions feel free to as I will do the same.

    happy riding y'all and CHEERS!!

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    Welcome to the forum. These kits are a great way to learn your way around an engine.
    Remember to drag your brakes on occasion in the wet to keep them dry.
    Panic stops from 25mph seem to take a lot longer than from 15mph.