Hello from Snowy Wisconsin

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    I am new to Motor Bicycling and after I built my first MB, a Huffy Cruiser with a 2-cycle China motor from Powerking about a month ago, I am completely hooked. I have been planning my next build before my first is even through the break in period. The weather has put a damper on my riding with 5 inches of snow. I built the first for fun and on the cheap but the next will be a little more planned. I am looking at the stretched chopper style bikes and maybe a 4-cycle Skyhawk Stage II. I really like the look of the inframe motors so I will most likely go that route again rather than trying a friction drive.

  2. Mountainman

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    hey -- welcome Andy

    yes -- sounds like -- you got the motor bike THING going on there

    good choice above I think -- friction in snow and wet weather -- may be disappointing

    have fun as you -- ride those THINGS
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    Hi Andy, glad you found us.

    Too bad winter is coming in. Oh well....
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    Andy, welcome from the other side of the state. Glad your here.