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    Hello all. I'm Davo from Queensland Australia. I recently set up a 66cc 'ZBOX' on my bicycle and I'm currently going through the tedious running in period. The instructions say 20kph for 500km! Be that as it may it cruises quite smoothly on 30-35 on the flat which is fast enough for me. I'm aiming at doing some long distance rides over days/week along some of the beaches here.

    This leads me to a couple of questions...firstly has anyone else here had any experience with the legal side of riding a motorbicycle on a Queensland beach? We do live in a Nanny state with overzealous politicians and safety police.

    Secondly...what kind of preparation do you think I should give my bike and motor, considering the amount of salt and sand it will face?

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Greetings Davo!

    Welcome aboard. :D
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    Hi Davo,
    Welcome from Adelaide SA, on the legal side all I can say is that don't ride around like a complete tool and the law will generally leave you alone, that has been my experience here in SA. A light spray of Marine CRC is good for preventing salt corrosion as well as regular fresh water washes to stop thesalt from building up.

    Cheers BJ