Hello from Southern California!!! (W/ PICS)

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  1. raincrossmotorbikes

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    Hi everyone, I'm an engineering student here in SoCal and have been building motorized bikes for my friends and I for about 3 year now. I've gained much info from this forum over the past 2 years, just wanted to say thanks for all the tips and tricks on this forum and share what I've built!

    I started off with a 66cc 2-stroke build, and ended up having to build a bunch more for all of my friends!

    After getting fed up with maintaining all my friend's bikes I began looking for a better alternative as far as engines and drivetrains.

    This led me to my propane bike build. No gas, no gummed up carb, and no fumes! I've posted some pics of some of my bikes, including my propane build! Let me know if you have any questions. :grin5:

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  2. wheelbender6

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    Cool. It the rack mount motor the one powered by propane?
  3. raincrossmotorbikes

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    Yup, the propane engine is mounted to a Staton friction kit.
  4. kansasmike

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    Yes sir

    Its green.
    Hello ..
    Ks mike said it
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    Propane powered bikes has been discussed here, but you might be the first to actually put one together.

    Please start a thread here http://www.motoredbikes.com/forumdisplay.php?f=74 and tell us more about it.
    Brand of engine

    I, for one, love the green color!!!
  6. Animal454

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    Can I get more pics of the stretch???

    I am in Riverside too and I have the Kustom Kruiser bike but my engine is mounted much lower.
    I still have not done the peddle side chain tensioner and could use some input.

    Welcome to the site.

    Do you work at Raincross Cyclery..
  7. raincrossmotorbikes

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    Thanks for the interest in the propane bike, I'll get some more pics up and post all the info in the forum you suggested tomorrow!

    Animal 454:
    I don't work at Raincross cycles, just a coincidence we both used the R-side Raincross symbol....haha where in Riverside are you???

    Wish I had more pics of the stretch bike. I actually sold the bike before I took any pictures of it. Oddly enough I found it on Craigslist just a few days later and thought I better save the pictures, so all I have are the small pictures I posted. I mounted the engine more forward than I have seen on other stretches to give it more of that center mounted "motorcycle" look.

    The chain tensioner was a pain to get right. I had to use two of the standard kit tensioners, one with a piece of steel welded to it as an extension. It was hard to route the chain over one support bar and then under the other.
  8. Animal454

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    I am off of Tyler and Wells up on the hill behind Wells school.
    Where are you at??
  9. raincrossmotorbikes

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    I'm up La Sierra towards Lake Hills. Ya I know exactly where you're talking about!