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    Hi all,

    I await a kit purchased this week from Golden Eagle. I've ordered the 32cc Tanaka Pure Fire 2-stroke kit. Haven't purchased a bike to put it on but thinking about a Wallyworld model. The men's Avalon? It's only seven gears with dual suspension and a metal chain guard. Any feedback???

    I have spent the last six months cruisin the Endless-Sphere forums. Came close to buying a car for converting to all electric... then thought better of it. The time isn't quite right yet. Batteries are in a state of "crazy" right now and the best is yet to come. Stay tuned.

    But I did spins some fantasies about driving an electric car and had to get it out of my system... so I built an electric push trailer. Here's the the project blog:


    To sumarize, I put a 750watt (1hp) dc motor on a metal two wheeled frame, along with four glass matt motorcycle batteries and a controller. The trailer connects near the back axil of my bike (on one side only) and the throttle is wired up to the handle grip. It solved the problem of putting my heavy weight along with battery weight on two small bike tires. The trailer must weigh in over 120 lbs.

    Give the throttle a nudge and it pushes you and the bike with some nice accelleration (sp?). Top speed is about 20mph with no pedaling and maybe a 20 mile plus run. It's a blast and is verrrry quiet to ride. And the bike feels just like a bike... with someone giving you a nice push from behind. It really turns some heads. :)

    But alas, taking it out in traffic was out of the question for me. Just not comfortable with the track of the trailer next to the side of a road. Always worried about one of the trailer wheels slipping off the curb.

    Then I saw an artical on Golden Eagle. It solved so many issues in one swoop. Weight, speed, distance, re-fueling and COST!

    I was facing getting an old 1989 Accord ready for another bout of inspections to get it re-registered and was really struggling with the costs. It needed a lot of work. Brakes, body, engine, parking brake cable, broken windshield. Just too many years in the rust belt. I didn't want to spend that much more on such an old car.

    We have always been a two car family, but the bike engine opened up a new plan... something I see so many have done before me. I'm putting the Accord to pasture. Dropping the insurance and moving to a one car family... at least for the next few summer months. I figure to spend $800 on a cheap bike, some lights, a safety helmet and the engine kit (plus other chatskies). It's going to be my main transportation to work for the forseeable future.

    Thanks for having me... love the forum!


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    Hi Ross. Welcome to MBc!
    I bought a full susp. Wallyworld. Ill give you a heads up.... some of the newer styles of bikes have the rear frame tapering inward at the brake caliper area. If this is the case, the snap-ring for the belt drive wont fit. I made this mistake, and had to pound a wedge to widen the frame to 4.5" then bend (press) the axle section of the frame back together before removing the wedge. So.... when looking for a good bike for the golden eagle keep the rear wheel fork spacing in mind. SEE ATTACHED PHOTO BELOW. graucho

    If you search and are unable to find your answers, don't hesitate to post your question. Someone will steer you to a link, or reply to your question. Were here for each other! Enjoy! :grin:
    You may have seen this, but here's a great MBc starter "link" to get you motoring.

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    Thanks Graucho,

    Good information! I'll be sure to check that before I buy.

    I'm thinking about the Avalon. It's a "comfort" bike. Not interested in off-road adventures... at least I don't think I am.

    The Avalon has only a few inches of suspension in the rear frame. Do you think that's enough or should I be looking at the bikes with the large gap between the suspension and the seat frame? This has been my biggest question.

    Also... should I have ordered the extra long axil for the motor kit?

    Thanks again,


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    A lot of people ride with no suspension at all on their motorized bikes. I'm sure that will work nicely, can't comment on the clearance for the GEBE because I don't have one. The reviews for that bike at walmart.com are all very positive so its probably a nice bike. Whereabouts in southern NH are you? Monadnock region here. Glad to see more MBers around this area. Check the laws and legislation and nh.gov about laws concerning these in this area, I decided to get mine registered as a moped but was able to ride for years on quiet roads without one.
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    Thanks for the welcome SirJake,

    Glad to hear the feedback on the bike. I'm in Somersworth. I plan to register the bike... a whopping $3. I can stand it.

    With one child in college, second child going to college, music lessons, soccer camps, and gas prices... I'm stretched thin thin thin! So that's why I'm making the plunge.

    Next question... do I need to replace the rear Wallyworld wheel for a stronger one from GEBE. I'm a big guy at 250lbs but don't plan to scream off the tarmack. Happy to just get up to speed and save the gas. I figure 120 miles a week or so.

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    Welcome to MBc from the Giant Side of Texas!
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    I've found wheels on cheap wallyworld models to be weak at best. Make sure to tighten all the spokes and probably plan on replacing at least the back wheel. The original wheels from my XR75 were total junk, in one year of pedaling around roads and trails for recreation I chewed up the smallest gear on the rear freewheel, blew out the freewheels bearings and both wheels have a hop and wobble to them. The rest of the bike is fine thankfully but they really skimped on the wheels. Contrast this with the wheels from my old Raleigh that lasted over 10 years until I crashed hardcore on it :)
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    Yes, that's what I figured. Still... I'll try to make do for a few months while I put together some more cash. Engine kit, bike, helmet, seat, lights... it adds up.

    Can't wait though. Haven't gotten an email from GE yet to say my order is processed. Three days now. Fingers crossed!!! Hope it's soon!

    Thanks for the feedback! Open to all comments and suggestions.

    Maybe we'll take a ride together sometime, eh?

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