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    Hi , glad to be here. I was gonna try to hook an old lawn mower ( 5 h.p. ) to my old Huffy with some pulleys , belts and a jack shaft. :goofy: It's a good thing I found this site before I hurt myself . :ack2: I'm gonna read as many posts as I can and then buy a kit for my conversion . I would like to hear from other members from the Del. N.J P.A. Tristate area. Thanks for a great site. There are alot of great bikes and alot of great info here.

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    Welcome to MBc, Pumpkinhead65! I'm also from the tri-state area and we have a number of other members in our region.
    There is a lot of good information here, and I'm sure you'll find info on the type of engine that would be best for your needs.
    Myself, I have two vintage cruisers with 48cc GruBee 2-stroke engines (the type also colloquially known here as HT or Happy Time engines) and a Whizzer NE-5.

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