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    Just checking in from the northern suburbs of Philadelphia. I've been a recreational cyclist for several years now, but have always toyed with the idea of attaching an engine to a bike.

    A google search turned up this site.:grin:

    A co-worker of mine recently started commuting exclusively using a Mongoose electric-assist motorized bike with a 450watt motor.

    I found his model online here.

    His bicycle fired up my interest in motorizing a bicycle again. I'm leaning, however, towards adding a gas-powered engine to a bicycle. It's all about the speed. :grin:

    I'm looking to get some good information and learning all about the various pros and cons of various approaches, i.e. frame mounted versus rack mounted, gas versus electric, rollers versus drive train, chain versus geared belt, recumbent versus triangle design, etc.

    Another concern I have is with the legality of these bikes. I've already started reading the threads on the various legal restrictions and requirements.

    Wish me luck in my journey.



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    hey Ken
    welcome aboard
    you've come to the right place to start this journey
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    Welcome !!

    I'm also just north of the city. Small world.
    Plenty of good information here.

    Electric is a good choice.

    Until we get the legal issues resolved with these bikes, electric would be less risky. I rode one for 6 years. Also a Currie electro-drive. Slow but nice. I went gas recently for a few extra MPH's, but looking over my shoulder a lot.
    Another guy from PA is getting his bike ready for possible road legal status.
    Maybe this time it will happen. If he suceeds, I will attempt the same.
    Basically, the goal is to make it a moped. Lights, horn, mirror, and under 50cc.

    Anyway, If you ever need a hand, I'm nearby.

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    i have have been fine with the law in philadelphia pa

    only time i was stopped was to be told to stay in the bike lane

    i rode by cops and rode along side them and they dont say anything

    i have an 80cc kit on my bike
  5. stude13

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    you dont have 80cc's