hello from sunny or rainy san diego.

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  1. cjkaminsky91

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    what have i got myself into????????
    so i went and found a used gas bike.
    i can tell you bits and pieces of it.
    but im having some carb trouble.
    i have the nt carb and i took it apart and reassembled it
    now the throttle doesnt work at all.
    im short on tools ive been playin around with it for a week or so and cant get it right
    any one in the area have some time and experience with this kind of stuff ?

    any help would be greatly appreciated maybe i can go get a couple beers? =]

  2. cjkaminsky91

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    also, im not super new to 2 stroke engines.
    i built some race bikes in my garage back in the day when i was younger and into dirt bikes.

    but this is a refresher and well im not fully understanding everything.
    i took the cylinder and head off.
    replaced the spark plug

    polished the intake and exhaust port valves on the cylinder
    also got a new cid. and a new throttle cable.
    anyone with some time and around the area that can give me a hand?
  3. darwin

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    Welcome to the forum. Seems your right where you need to be, theres lots of folks in SD on here. You might try the search feature or the category for repair. HF has all the tools you might need without paying snapon prices.
  4. cjkaminsky91

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    i order my parts through pistonbikes.com. not sure how great they are but they sure send out my orders with the quickness. im havin problems with the carb and throttle cable assembly ive taken everything apart on this bike except for the crankcase. just learning how the original owner put it together and well now i have built the bike better then he did. so i felt the need to order a new throttle cable seeing as my old one snapped today when i tried to pull the needle assembly out of the carb thats fantastic and my carb isnt working properly so i ordered a brand new one probably could fix the old one but i dont have the knowledge at the time so ill have an extra carb sittin around if anyone needs one? buy me a beer and you can take it off my hands.
  5. cjkaminsky91

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    i have taken the head off and cleaned that up of all the carbon build up, well lets just say ive done a lot for only having moderate amount of tools lying around. still loads more work and kinks that need to be tempered with as i only have a front brake. its a work in progress though and it beats traffic any day. only thing thats a bummer is cant play with the rain
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    Any pictures of the screwed up carb???
  7. cjkaminsky91

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    birdmann, no pictures currently dont have a phone or camera to snap some shots.
  8. jaguar

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    you lack detail in your explanation
    "screwed up" could mean anything
    engines need 3 basic things to run:

    So, does the plug get wet by trying to start the engine?
    Do you feel rolling resistance from the engine when you let the clutch lever out (while rolling of course)? that indicates engine compression.
    holding the spark plug onto the head do you see spark when pushing the bike? (best to see in low light)
  9. MotorBicycleRacing

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    Piston Bikes are great.
    They come to the races and sponsor them.

    There are a bunch of guys that ride down in San Diego who could help you out.
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    Welcome to the forum. As I remember, El Cajon is motocross country.
  11. Nice to see another from San Diego, I wish I never moved xP
    Check the spark, maybe you messed up the wiring when installing the new CID? Remove the spark plug, and keeping the terminal in the boot; place the ground electrode to the cylinder somewhere to ground it. give the engine some pulls and you should see sparks. If that's all good, move on down the list. If not, take time to find the issue with the electrical.
    Compression: I've never had any compression issues, but if you don't have the right tools to measure this, just remove the spark plug, place you thumb OVER the hole and give the engine some light pulls. If it puffs, you have compression.
    Fuel: Try manually dropping a FEW drops of gas into the cylinder via the spark plug hole, maybe even dip the spark plug in a bit of gas, see if it turns over. If it turns over, fuel delivery problem. Clean/rebuild the carb

    That's basically all that could go wrong with these small engines
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  12. Juangrande

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    I live in Santee and have finally tuned my 66cc to run well. I adjusted the float, changed the plug and set the gap, drilled 5-5/16" holes in back of stock air filter cover for better air flow and replaced stock muffler with a Street Demon Muffler with Expansion Chamber purchased from bikeberry.com. I run 32:1 mix fuel. I also moved the c clip on the carb rod up and down and ending up putting in same slot as when I started since it ran best there. Let me know if you want any more tips!