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    Hi all,
    I think I may have introduced myself before...been awhile tho.
    I just completed a new build!
    A Dahon SPEED folding bike with a friction drive.
    Previously I had built a 2 stroke China Girl on a Huffy Cruiser.
    Boy, this little Dahon with the friction drive and super duper four stroke Honda motor is a different breed of cat.
    No, not as fast or as good at climbing hills but for my taste, it's really nice.
    The most challenging part was figuring out how to make the bike still fold after attaching the kit. Eventually I got there and it folds down just like it did before installing the kit. The Honda motor increases the overall width of the bike by only 2.5 inches or so and the whole thing fits easily in trunk of my car.
    I included a few pics in case anyone is interested.
    On my shakedown ride, it was so smooth and nice, I just kept riding, whoops tho, I only put in a little gas and was having so much fun I ran the tank dry.
    With the friction drive disengaged, it was easy to just pedal into the nearest service station and put in about 40 cents worth of gas to get back on my way.
    I can't say enough about the Honda engine. Starts right up, quiet, thrifty and smooth as glass.
    I really appreciated the power of the China girl but this folding Dahon with the friction drive is awesome with enough power to get me up the steepest hills in my area.
    For anyone looking for a really effortless, quiet, super dependable, bullet proof ride, I highly recommend this set up.

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    Welcome aboard, Rich

    i"m glad things worked out> (pardon my punctuation> it seems my keyboard is dying)

    i also love my happy time> But I'll grant that I sometimes crave a bit of smoothness.
    Sounds like your set-up is the right one for that.