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    My name is Patrik and im from Gothenburg/ Sweden! Hope my english works well here, sure gonna do my best!
    For 2 years ago i found a used Electra Rat Fink -06 for 320 $! That was a bargain for such a beautiful bike like this one!
    The price here in sweden for a brand new one is almost 1400 Bucks!!! I love the bike! Got good quality all over, frame, crankshaft, fork! Best bike i ever had!
    And now its getting motorized!

    Im looking for a cool oldschool headlight for the bike but its hard to find one in this country. On that point im hoping to get some help from you guys!

    Got 2 wonderful girls (4 and 6 y.o) and a dragon! We got married 3 weeks ago...
    I've eaten the same cookie for 11 years and now i must keep on eating the same cookie for the rest of my life... :cool:

    Been working at Volvo truck-plant in Gothenburg the last 11 years as a testdriver. Drive a Volvo and have a very sick sense of humour!

    Hope this was a good description of me!


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    Welcome to the MBc Forums, Patrik. (In the US it is 'Patrick' as in my name..."Patrick"...I guess that we just use the Irish spelling, eh?) Be that as it may, please feel free to browse around the various Forums. Read, read, and read more...then feel free to ask questions. It is a give & take process here...after you have read, and read, ask questions so you sound like you know what you are talking about. Then you will know what you are talking about. btw, your English is just fine!!