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    Hello all

    Um, My name is Phillip

    i live in Sheffield Tasmania. A very beautiful part of the world if ever you get the chance to come down. please do.
    Im happily married and have 4 beautiful little boys. 7yrs, 4yrs, 2yrs and the newest arrival, 1 month old.

    This forum has been an invaluable help to me over the last 6 months or so.
    Im mechanically minded anyway, have just rebuilt a Porsche 911 by myself. But never had anything to do with 2 strokes.

    i started with an ebay f80 and a bike from the local tip. all up i spent $200 building it and for the last 6 months has been my daily ride/ 300 km a week on fantastic Targa Stage roads or near 8000 km of "trouble free-almost" fun motoring

    At the moment im building a race bike. Because i like to go fast. The frame is light weight Easton tapered tube aluminium race bike, carbon forks and all the best race gear. etc its a $4000 race bike anyway, so a good start, the motor is another ebay f80 however this one is the full business. ive started by blueprinting and balancing everything, ceramic rollers good for 75000 rpm "Undersized" so it spools up faster, like an ice skater pulling there arms in.. . ported transfer ports and port matched and raised / widened exhaust, inlet etc, ceramic oversize piston, high compression head - drilled out "speed" carby and intend to put on a kehine 28mm when i get the manifold, or a smoothbore - if one ever comes up.. um an expansion chamber i got last week, however i feel i can gain a lot from a better designed one. its it too narrow in its powerband- iridium/gold wire spark plug, and a rewired stator and race cdi

    my ratios are 10 - 36 at the moment. then dropping to 10 or 11-32 giving a top speed of approx 140km per hour at 12500rpm. im sure it will go faster than that. but, the first thing is get it running, then tune it for speed.

    it's Great to finally get on here and hello too,, and look forward to being a new member on the best bike forum i know of!

    have a fantastic day

    added 2 photos:
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    Welcome! I think you will enjoy the site.

    I was in Tasmania a couple of years ago with my wife and grandson. We hiked the Overland Track and it was spectacular! You have a beautiful home.
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    More pictures of the porsche please. :D I spy 944 wheels? I love those whale tales.
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    thanks guys

    HI,, thank you both,

    I will got some more photos of the car up soon. Im just finishing rewiring on the 911 at the moment. Its a total rebuild. i picked up the 8 inch 944 phone dials with 9 inch rears for a carton of jim beam cans, and a carton of beer. Then sold the fuchs for a healthy profit. Its very non original 2.0 1966 911 with 77 front and 81 sc rear guards and 944 wheels. and a few parts from other cars i had laying around/ once i finish and get a few more Porsche tools. im going to add 2.7 barrels and pistons to drop compression to 6 and increase capacity to 2.5 then add a supercharger. It may not be pure porsche, but boy will if go hard. I'm surrounded by some awesome Targa Tasmania stages here, Cethana / Nook/ Bridle track etc and drive / ride them every day. So im very lucky.

    Great to meet your both.

    have a fantastic day
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    Welcome to the forum! It will be interesting to hear how your bike turns out. Can you tell us more about your rewinding the stator?