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    Hello Folks!

    I bought an 80cc Chinese bike motor and got it installed and running last Tuesday and had a chance over the weekend to ride it some and I love it!! Now I am wondering where I might go for a back road trip!!

    It ran fine right out of the box with plenty of power to get me up hills and will even pick up speed on hills. The only problem I had was the peddle hitting the exaust but from reading here I learned they can be bent some. I put it in the vice and leaned on it a little and now there is a half inch clearence between it and the peddle arm.

    I have it on a beach cruiser type bike that I already had on hand. I want to get a better seat some rear view mirrors and if I can find one an old fashioned single speed rear wheel that has the peddle back peddle brake. They were common in my younger days but I have not been able to find one.

    Anyway I dont know why I didnt find this neat little toy a long time ago! Better late than never though I guess. Would love to hear from any folks in Tennesssee if there are any out there who are into these little motored bikes!


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    Hey on that wheel you might want to keep your hand brakes, They are a lot safer than a coster brake !!! IMO
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    Thanks for the tip! My bicycling expierence from when I was a kid was with single speed bikes and riding to stop I instinctively peddle back to slow down them remember the hand breaks so I thought it would be good to have that as an option too.

    Are the peddle braks unreliable? I dont ever remember them failing me as a kid.

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    No the coaster brakes are very reliable...

    But the hand brakes provide better stopping power and better control during braking, and you don't have to worry about the rear wheel locking up and skidding. You have to remember that you will be travaling at much faster speeds than any bike was designed to go... ( at least most bikes)....
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    Well I have had it running over a month now and love it!! I am now on my 4th gallon of gas so I assume I have ridden over 300 miles but am not sure. I got a speedometer last week and so can tell how far I go now. Also I measured exactly 1/2 gallon of gas into an empty tank to see just how mpg it really does get. I am curious about what that number will be.
    Not had any engine problems yet and just went to the 20:1 mix as was sugested by the folks I bought it from.
    I see folks here talking about 30 mph. The most I have done was 27. it had more but it did not feel safe to me going that fast. I usually ride around 15 to 20 mph and that seems comfortable for me and the engine. I am in no hurry, if I was the bike would not be my first choice of transportation! LOL

    One thing I would like to ask is where can you get a 1 gallon fuel tank?

    Also I read a couple of threads about the clutch and where the wear parts can be had. Puks I think they are called. Does anyone know of a source?

    Thanks for your help!