Hello from the bronx,

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    Hi everyone.
    This is a great forum you've got here.
    I've been lurking for awhile here and am now planing a Felt Twin boardtracker. I'll keep you posted during the build.

    Now I've got a stable that includes a Mountain Cycles shockwave 9.5 Downhill bike, Litespeed saber road bike, S&M black bike BMX, and waiting on the Felt to arrive at the LBS.

    I design and build furniture for a living and have a pretty well equipped shop for prototyping this build. AC/DC TIG, MIG, plasma cutter, 12" screw cutting lathe, mill, drill press, and a full woodworking shop.

    P.S. I learned to ride a bicycle on my dads '57 Schwinn Corvette 26" with a 50cc friction drive setup on it. Talk about tough to handle as an 8 yr old lol. I got pretty good at side saddle dismounts as there was No way my feet could touch the ground.

    Talk to you guys soon.


  2. bamabikeguy

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    Sounds like you'll fit right in, especially if you design a Barcolounger type saddle.
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    Welcome to this place!