Hello from the land of Famous potatoes, and potholes

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    Hi, Fattirejack here,, I have been rolling around on a Huffy Panama Jack with a Skyhawk 48for about a year. Just upgraded to a GT5 66 two weeks ago. I ride 22 miles round trip 5 days a week. Just bought a Mongoose BEAST fat tire bike that I plan to stretch the frame on so I can get the ht mounted a lot lower. while I'm at it My plans are to build a springer frontend. these fat tires are going to require some creative thinking to get the drive chain to clear. I am a pipefitter and millwright by trade, so the fabrication won't be a problem. I will be wandering these hallowed grounds quite often for ideas and tech tips. THANKS in advance for any help that I may find here
    FATIRE JACK:cool2: