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  1. Smerf

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    Hi there! I'm Smerf, hailing from Midland, TX.

    I'm 23, about to get married, and I have a problem. I am addicted to things with wheels or engines. :shock:

    My current stable consist of: 2002 Miata, 2007 Kawasaki 650R, 2003 Derbi GPR 50 Replica, Trek 800 ATB, nameless 80s steel road bike, 1960s Sears and Roebuck road bike(just the frame right now), and a few other things not worth mentioning.

    I've also owned: 2005 CPI GTR-50 scooter, 1978 Firebird E'sprit, and an 04 Mustang(v6, but nobody realizes the potential... such a sleeper hehe). I just bought a Kulana Moon Dog to put a motor I just ordered in :smile:

    I paid for all of those except the Firebird myself, just so nobody gets the wrong idea.

    I have some experience with bikes, a bit with tuning 2T engines, and a lot of general mechanical experience. I like to tinker with just about anything. Also, I enjoy reading quite a bit and do so whenever possible and am always open to suggestions for a new book.

    Sorry this came out so long winded, I forgot there is so much in the garage.

  2. NunyaBidness

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    hey Smerf, welcome aboard
    it's a good thing that you like to read lol, there is a lot of info found here, it just takes a lot of reading to get all the info needed for a successful build.
    me thinks that you will build a nice bike and I'm lookin' forward to seein' some pics of your work.
    good luck and happy motoring
  3. TracyT

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    Hey Smerf,

    I was just in Midland on Saturday. I'm from Lubbock.

    Welcome to the forum!

  4. Smerf

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    I've noticed :) I've already gone quite a few pages back in most of the forum, and have plans for looks and performance in the future once I've gotten the feel for the happy time engine.

    I knew I saw a post from someone in Lubbock! Good someone that will understand any slang I use haha. I go to lubbock once a month or so, we might have to meet up sometime.

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  5. pumpbuilder

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    You need to try a bike like this, lol. Welcome.