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    I am eager to chew the fat and share stories and ideas with all of you out there! I am working on my second bike now which is a schwinn mountain bike. I am using a GT5 66cc engine, and I have begun some radical changes to the drive system. I don't have pictures yet but will take some soon, I am doing away with the typical clutch setup and building my own that will run directly off the crank. I love fabricating parts and have begun really taking this serious. I have achieved just over 35mph and 100mpg plus with this bike. These engines can have a mind of their own but I see alot of potential! I have some interesting and wild ideas to try out and the frustrating part is not having the equipment to make the parts I dream up, so I am either gonna take a machine tool class or try to get hired at a machine shop so I can keep going with my ideas. I just can't afford to hire out someone to do all my protype work. Anyone know of a machine shop in Minnesota that could help me out without breaking the bank? I would be happy to share the wealth if any of it ever turned out to be a seller. Something near Blaine would be nice.
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    Hi Joe and welcome to Motoredbikes.
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    Hi Joe, welcome from the Twin Cities. Enjoy