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    I've been reading postings from this site now for a couple of weeks. What a tremendous collection of valuable information for those in our hobby! I'm impressed with its organization and strong values. Kudos to all involved.

    My first attempt at a MB was over 10 years ago, it failed. I suspect it failed largely due to the lack of information flowing then. Things are so much easier now. This site is just what I needed to get my MB completed and running. Just put my first 10 miles on it over the last couple of days. Information on this site helped me fix a couple of problems.

    I'll be leaning heavily on MotorizedBikes.com to make the refinements I have envisioned.

    Thanks to all.

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    Hello and welcome.

    Yep, good info here. Tell us more about your bike.
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    My MB

    Right now my MB is a bit generic: Schwinn Cruiser with GruBee 80cc frame mount, chain drive. The cruiser was blacked out from the factory (black rims, black handle bars etc), so I might stick with the all-black theme. I'm not sure where I'm going with it style-wise, but safety has to come first.

    On the list of improvements to be made now that it is running:
    - front brakes (didn't think of the implication of the chain jumping until I read a post on this site - no brakes at 30mph; scary)
    - clutch lever repositioning (another great tip from this site)
    - throttle replacement - the kit's twist throttle is junk
    - new muffler (nut came loose while riding and lost the bottom of the muffler)

    Cosmetically, the first thing I'll attack is the gas tank. I don't like the kit's tank at all. I'd love to integrate the tank into the frame, but I need more practice welding to get the results I want. Still searching the site for ideas, might even be my first post outside this intro.

    Oh, one more thing...need to find a cooler helmet!
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    Welcome: Lots of help here.