Hello from the Outer Banks of North Carolina

Quenton Guenther

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Aug 2, 2007
I am a authorized Whizzer motorbike dealer in North Carolina. I am originally from Dayton, OH and obtained my first Whizzer [Ambassador] at age 13 in 1958 for $50.00. My second Whizzer, also an Ambassador, was titled to me for work performed at a Whizzer dealership during the summer of 1960. During the late 60s and 70s I raced motorcycles in the midwest mostly in AMA district 11, 12, & 15. A few years ago I concluded Whizzer motorbikes would make a great hobby, and because of their size and simplicity would be easy to work with. I am not sure why I thought it possible to own only one motorbike, because my personal collection [not for sale]now numbers 12. Seven vintage Whizzers and five new edition models. Over the last several years I have applied some of the knowledge learned from racing to the Whizzer NE motor and found several ways to extract additional power and happily shared the information with everyone.
Whizzer OuterBanks


hey, welcome to the site:D:D:D sorry is didnt greet you earlier, i noticed that you posted in one of my threads but didnt know who you were, but now i do:cool:



I read on an ad at Ebay for a Whizzer that a guy modified using information that he learned from you (he specifically spelled out your name) on a yahoo forum or something. Guy said it did 45-50mph.:p:)

It's pretty cool to know that you'll be letting us in on some of the secrets aswell.

It's like I knew you before I'd been introduced, haha.