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    I am an alternative energy researcher and I am involved in many types of alternative energy technologies, fuels, and applications. Mostly, I am known for the internet publication of my decades of research into hydroxy gas technologies, an alternative fuel that can reduce the consumption of petrol fuels, or totally replace gasoline in some instances.

    I do not currently own a motorized bicycle, but in the course of my past research, I did fabricate and demonstrate electric assisted bicycle and trike designs. These used 24 VDC 1.5 HP permanent magnet motors that were designed for mobility scooters.

    I converted a 4 wheeled electric golf cart into a solar powered mini-EV, and later added a similar setup to one of my electric trikes. I still have that trike, but it no longer has the electric drive or solar PV system installed. I used that electric drive to build a homebrew mobility scooter, with a surplus EV Warrior electrical system (lights, turn signals, horn, ect), that can cruise at up to 35 MPH on paved roads.

    I have a marginally equipped machine shop, and do a fair amount of fabrication in-house. The shop also houses a solar power PV system that provides a good portion of my homes daily energy needs.

    I have a pair of 2003 Toyota Prius. Both are titled and registered as electric vehicles. One Prius is awaiting installation of an alternative energy charging system that will negate the need of the gasoline genset for extended range operation. The other Prius has a gasoline fueled genset that is hydroxy gas boosted to deliver 60+ average MPG at freeway speeds, with 100+ MPG obtainable sometimes on flat level terrain. I have driven that Prius for over 10,000 miles of fuel consumption testing in the past several months, travelling all around the US.


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    Welcome to MBc Bob. Glad you're here. I'm sure you will lots of information to contrubue.
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    Welcome. I'm in Chattanooga how close are you?
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    Thank you.

    Turtletown is about 100 miles east of Chattanooga. I go that way once in a while, usually when picking up tools or materials.
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    Hook a gas assist to a electric assist bicycle and you have the ultimate hybrid. Gas, electric and human.
    Glad you found us.
    Welcome to MBc from the Giant Side of Texas!
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    Welcome to MBc.