Hello from the UFO Capital of the World

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    Hello, I am new to this forum and new to the world of gas bikes. I saw one last summer and decided I wanted one. I just finished building my first one. I have a 21 speed lotus mt. bike on which I mounted a sky hawk motor kit. So far so good I'm really enjoying it. I'm a retired cop and I enjoy getting out and around doing geocaching and metal detecting and wanted a cheap mode of transpo. This seems to fit the bill especially with gas going up again. sure beats 16 mpg in my jeep. I also now work in the movie industry as a prop maker among other things.


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    Hi And Welcome.

    Where Is The Ufo Capital, Wi.?

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    Why Roswell N.M. of course at least that what they tell me. I really Think that it is becomeing the Granola capital of the world as all the fruits, flakes and nuts seem to wind up here. I guess since we have 50 or so dairy's around here also the milk and all of those fruits, flakes and nuts all go hand in hand.
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    Duh!! Roswell Nm. My Bad!!!

    They Built A Landing Pad For Ufo`s In Some Little Town In Wis. Many Yrs Ago.

    I Guess We Have All Heard Of Roswell. Just Slipped My Mind. I Have A Very Good Memory, It Is Just Short.