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  1. orbeas

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    Hello from the uk, looking to build my first motorised bikr so will be asking loads of questions, please be patient with me thnaks Barry

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    Welcome and that what we are here for so ask as many questions as you need to
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    Hi Barry, where about in Wales are you? I'm just north of Chester and am taking to the road on a '99 Cruzzer. It's pretty well sorted now and seems reliable, thanks to the info I found on this site.
  4. orbeas

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    thanks for the note have emailed you
  5. rawly old

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    I'm gonna make a stab at anticipating your question with
    some answers.
    As a newbie, what setup would you suggest? :
    Answ: a friction drive is the simplest to install & maintain, but
    may tend to slip in wet condition. A belt drive like Golden Eagle
    Bicycle Engine is also a simple install, performs well, but is a
    bit pricy. Chinese in-frame chain drives are probably the least
    expensive, but engine quality and reliability varies widely.
    Installation is more difficult and can be dangerous if not properly
    done. I'd say these kits, which can be just fine, should be for
    someone who has studied the intricate aspects of their use.

    What engines would you recommend?:
    Answ: If I were just starting, I'd avoid too much power before
    gaining a bit of proficiency. There is, in my opinion, no substitute
    for a good quality engine, but they are not cheap and you may
    have to save your shekels to get one. You might have to still
    pedal on hills, but it would be considerably easier with a 35cc
    Honda gx35 or a Subaru eo35. Both are reliable, easy-to-maintain,
    4 stroke engines, though my choice is the Honda. I think they
    are more suited to a damp clime. Both are quiet compared to
    2 strokes, but do not rev as high or respond as quickly. a 2 stroke
    of the same displacement will likely have more power as well.
    In addition to my GX35, I have a 2 stroke 40cc Tanaka pf4000.
    mixing fuel for a 2 stke is a trade off with the frequent oil changes
    for a 4 stke. If the Honda is a *****cat, the Tanaka is a lynx,
    (also available in 33cc).
    You may be tempted by a 4 stke Hua Sheng 49cc 142f, and many
    have had good luck with this affordable engine, but they are being
    made in a dozen different Chinese factories and quality varies.
    I hope you've found this helpful.