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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by kpracing, Oct 9, 2007.

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  1. kpracing

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    hi, my name is paul, and i have been messing with and restoring bikes for the past 25 years or so, i have finaly got round to buying a cyclemotor to restore. it is a trojan mini motor first registered in 1955. it does run, and i have to say my first ride on this bike was scary. some of you will know what rod brakes are some of you will not, but lets just say they never worked well on a standard bicycle never mind one that does 25mph+.
    i am currently trying to get it reregistered for use on the road, and then the restoration can begin.

  2. JemmaUK

    JemmaUK Guest

    Welcome to the site from a fellow UK-er. My ride is somewhat newer but I do know rod brakes and I can imagine they are scary... re the registration thing they will make it as hard as they can for you... I have been riding the GEBE I have and no-one has batted an eyelid apart from some of the local girls :)

    you might want to think about a drum brake setup as it would suit the age of the machine and would actually stop you - mine has drum front and rim rear and hasnt been a problem so far :). Do a search on 'anita' on here and you'll find it...

    how easy is the machine to start?

    welcome and have fun

    Jemma xx
  3. Scottm

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    Welcome to MBc Worldwide. Can't wait to see pics of your bike, sounds awesome.
  4. Alaskavan

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    Sounds like an interesting project. Welcome to MBc.
  5. azbill

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    welcome to MBc ! :D
    the 'across the pond' chapter is growing :)
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  7. drimpact

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    Welcome to MBc
  8. kpracing

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    thanks for all your replies, now where to start, laura nice to see a female in the uk riding a motored bike, unfortunatly this bike is so rare i am compelled to restore it to original condition so a drum brake is out of the question, plus i like the uncertanty, i have been in touch with the heritage club and should have no problems getting it registered fingers crossed, i can't wait to see my mates face when i as him to mot it!!
    augidog, good link, that is a mini motor engine but mounted on the wrong wheel, i will take some photos at the weekend and start a project build in the heritage section. i have my new handle bars and brakes on order and the paint for the engine is in my garage so i would hope this bike will be finished very quickly.
    i took the bike out again tonight and i still find it amazing that it runs after being laid up for the past 15 years! it is still scary with no brakes!!
  9. minibiker

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    if the brakes ever stop working completely just get thick soled shoes ;)
  10. larymor

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    Welcome to MB Paul...can't wait to see some pictures.
  11. dbigkahunna

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    Welcome to the MBc group. From the Giant Side of Texas
  12. kpracing

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