Hello from Thunder Bay, Ontario...Canada



I have no idea on an intro of myself, so I'm just going to wing it here.
I found this wonderful place full of great people, and information just awhile ago due to an email which I had recieved from Augie (thanks by the way). At that time he was asking me for some proof on the displacement of my engines...still working on that one (there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in a day, lol).
I've been sitting low and quiet, checking things out, and learning alot from all the great posts in here. I was trying to get a feel of this forum, and the time to properly measure and prove my engines before I posted an intro.
I want to to be confident that I have what people are after before I get into to much talk about everything.
Unfortunately, as luck would have it...I have an issue with a recent engine installation. More that 30 installations, and I've never ran into this before.
I'll be posting a thread in the general discussion area to see if anyone has any advice to give shortly.
It's great to meet you all...more minds, more riders, more friends. What a great combination.



hiya chris...it's encouraging to know i didn't scare you off, i do have a way about me, eh? i think you're gonna like the place, & from what i can tell you'll fit right in.

welcome to MBc :cool:

folks, i can't personally or professionally endorse from experience, but chris may be a possible source for canadian riders...we all know the rest is up to him.


Just wanted to say Thank you for the nice welcome from everyone.

Have a great night, on this great site.



My aplogies to everyone

Hello Everyone.
Please read this carefully. I have something to admit here.
I was unknowingly lying to people about the displacement size of the engines in my bicycle engine kit.
I will be updating the information on my website, as soon as I can get time. It may be little by little, but it will get done.

I am the type of person that has always taken a great deal of pride in the fact, that no matter what business dealings I may be involved in I am always honest about everything, always put my customers first and foremost, and always made sure quality was more important than quantity (or dollars in my pocket).
As for my personal service to my customers, take a look in the photo gallery section of my webpage to see what some of my customers have had to say about me.

Last night (Sept., 4, 2007), on my way home from work I stopped and bought a beautiful digital caliper set. I picked this up because I wanted to show off to everyone that my engines were the size that I said they were.
I got home, spent 3 hours answering emails, and searching for shipping costs (customers always come first), ate my supper, then headed down to my bicycle engine workshop (basement).
I grabbed the engine that had the cylinder already open from the comparison pictures page, and took some measurements of it. The picture with the caliper reading is posted on the comparison page of my website.

I felt embarrassed, ashamed, and well...p****d right off. Mostly at myself I might add.

These new bicycle engines were NOT the 48mm (bore) X 42mm (stroke) that I had been bragging about. By the way, that measurement was given to me by my manufacturer, and supposedly confirmed by a friend who is also a mechanic. I was so happy at his findings that I told him to keep the kit that he measured the engine from...that will never happen again either.

The bicycle engine measured in with only 47mm bore and a 40mm stroke...this equals out to be only 69.397cc...making these bicycle engines a 70cc engine.

One of the main reasons why I was so intent on getting my own measurements was due to the wonderful people over at MBc (http://www.motoredbikes.com), particularly Augidog, who had suggested that I take some measurements of my own to help bring more honesty into this market. An approach to business that I like very much.
This is a great, unbiased, builder's, owners, riders forum with a wealth of information that would be particularly useful to everyone that is new to these bicycle engine kits...not to mention all the great friends that you get to make from all over the place.
I recommend checking the place out, and becoming a member...even before you purchase an engine from me or any of my competitors (who are also on MBc). We do not compete for sales on MBc, we are all on there as friends to help everyone in the best ways possible.

Even though my findings are very disappointing, I do not regret measuring the cylinder. I am glad that I did...even though it hurts so much to admit that I was wrong, lol. This has left me feeling almost like I am no better than all of the lying competitors out there with these engines...the ones that I keep putting down for doing business in a dishonest manner.

Thank you Augi, for your suggestion to do that.
I am truly thankful, and glad that I found the truth.

This has been a very honest mistake (which is why I'm posting this huge public apology), and believe me...it will never happen again. From now on, if I get my hands on anything that should be measured, I will be doing it myself, so we all can know the truth.

I don't know if I'll be able to drop the price much on the kits. They still cost what they cost to get them here. If our Government wasn't so greedy with all of the GST & PST (taxes), and duty fees they would be a much lower priced kit. Unfortunately, as every Canadian knows...everything is more expensive in Canada and those are the main reasons why.

Once again, my apologies everyone.
Feel free to send me an email (chrishill@knet.ca) and ream me out over this...I am deserving of it.
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it doesn't get any more honest than that, chris...it takes a lot of nerve (and strong ethics) to publicly admit a mistake, albeit an honest one.

personally, i hope this leads to good things in your future endeavors...imo, you deserve it :cool: