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    I live in southeast TN. I am starting a new build with an 80 cc kit, I haven't picked a bike yet (I am thinking about a schwinn delmar) any sugestions.I would like to eventualy get into building vintage and boardtrack bikes, and am looking for suitable 4 stroke motors to use. I run a small machine shop and realy enjoy scratch building.My current ride is an electric LWB recumbent that I built from scratch.


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    Hi Jim, welcome to MBc.

    Ebent, machine shop, ability to fab from scratch.....whoa, you're way up on the curve already.

    Suggestions on a donor bike will run the gamut, MTB, cruiser, comfort....
    what kind of riding and use do you have in mind?

    4 strokes for MBs IMO break down into two basic categories, 50ccs and 35cc and under. What's your need as to size?
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    Welcome aboard.

    I think the Del Mar is likely to be a pretty good choice. A few people have had issues with fit. But I think that you, in particular, won't find that to be too daunting.

    And the Del Mar with an engine on it simply has "that look" that everyone wants.