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    hello i am a new member here in Toledo my name is Steve with 5 grand kids i am all ways building something to keep them busy:evil: and yes i have fun too. from under water scooters to wild mini bikes now i have a OCC bike i want to install a engine in any help on this would make it a little easier as i have seen everything from the 49cc to a 125 Honda on them.

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    Hello Steve and welcome aboard.

    You'll find that people here are eager to help. But you will please the moderators best by searching; they want to keep this place neat and tidy. And what they are trying to accomplish is certainly worthwhile. Once you've chosen your engine and are waiting for it to arrive, simply read any thread that looks interesting. You'll learn a lot that way.

    Tell us about your build and rides; we can't get enough of it. And photos are good, too.

    Toledo is my hometown, as a matter of fact. I don't know the place well because we moved away when I was just a baby. But I've come to know it a bit (at least) by passing through on (mostly) I-75. A good looking city. And whenever I need a copy of my birth certificate, it's those folks at Lucas County that I find myself writing to.