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    Hello All! I have been reading and enjoying all of the information and stories found on this site (well not all, yet). I am the proud owner of a 70cc China engine (actually the 2nd one is under my desk at work waiting to sneak into the garage at home)

    I purchased my first engine in the summer but due to an injury (complete rupture of the achilles tendon) I had to postpone work.

    The bike is now running (leaky carb and all), thanks in no small part to the information found on this forum and a little RTV is strategic places and a little work on a stuck throttle cable I have even achieved a nice idle.

    I think I am stuck on this hobby, hence the second motor. Can't wait for the weather to improve in Vancouver to go for a longer ride. Until then I'll be putting Loctite where it needs to be and double checking all the nuts and bolts.

    Glad to be here!


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    hi jv and welcome. there are alot of riders in bc. we in the nw are starting to talk about a spring, run what you brung ride. it may be very close to many of you. stay tuned and give us some input. if we can help dont be shy. mitch