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    The rules said I had to post here first so here goes.

    I'm from Virginia, I've never ridden a motor cycle of any kind, and came here to learn more about upgrade kits for Bicycles. Due to the fact that my everyday commute has been considerably shortened.

    So... erm.

    I'm about to search around the forums for some answers but I do have one major question.

    How difficult are installing these engine kits?

    Changing tires, engine belts, oil. Putting together and repairing a bicycle (I've fixed chains and brakes before) are pretty much the extent of my mechanical ability. I do however have a dad whose pretty handy with cars and lawn mowers, and has access to a very large array of tools.

    Thanks look forward to one day riding on a moto-bike.

  2. srdavo

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    These kits are not that hard to install. (or it can be as difficult as you make it...haha)
    the hard part is choosing the right bike & the kit. (you may already have the right bike) have a look around at all the styles here.
    A Father/Son project.....Cool! (I bet Dad will want to build his own bike, before it's over!)
    Enjoy the forum :jester:

    and Welcome to MBc.
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    Welcome to the forum. Between you and your dad, you have more than enough experience to install and maintain a motor kit. Take your time with the install it all will go well.
    Reading a lot of posts on this site will absolutely save time and broken parts. Cheers
  4. Mountainman

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    I agree
    you with help from your dad should have no major problems at all
    the easy way to go is the friction drive
    if you wish to stay away from a lot of hanky panky time spent working on engine
    may wish to look into some quality motors -- seems to pay off in the long run
    once you work with your dad a little with the set up
    he can show you some of the important points on bike to keep an eye on (keep adjusted) so as to

    ride that motor bike THING
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    G'day man & welcome.
    It's not overly difficult to install these kits...forget about the time the instructions say & simply do each stage THOROUGHLY.Your potentially putting your life in your own hands so as the saying goes,measure twice cut once.