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    I'm just trying to get my feet wet before I buy an engine kit of some sort. Lots of great info at this site! Thanks to all for that education.
    A little about me:
    Retired teacher - 22 years middle school art and 7 years high school shop.
    Previous Motorized 2 Wheelers:
    2 Puchs, 2 Jawas, 2 Yamaha QT-50s (I still have one).

    I've never had a motorized bike but have always been facinated with the Solex brands. At the local county fair there was a seller of add-on engines (after reading messages here I think they were "Happy Time" brands). So, I did some searching and found this great site.

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    Glad to have you here! I am originally from SW Michigan, and lived in GR for several years.

    There are several engine options- that's one of the things that makes this hobby endlessly fiscinating.

    The so-called "Happy Times" have their issues and demand attention (which seems you are more tha qualified to address, but they have a high smile per mile quotient (not to mention smile per dollar quotient).

    The rack mounts generally seem to be well made and less maintenance intensive, but there is always a cost- both in dollars and in style (in my opinion)- the functionality, cannot be beat, however.

    I have a frame mount 4 stroke Honda which was not that easy to install, but now that it is set up, I'd put reliability up against the racks.

    Have fun looking over all of the different paths you could follow!