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    Hello, new to the forums, from a suburb of Wichita, KS, USA. I'm 30, a bike junkie, gearhead, hotrod, and motorcycle enthusiast. Getting ready to build my first motorized bike. I have my choice of a 25cc weedeater, 32cc craftsman weedeater with clutch, or Homelite Super XL 58.2 cc chainsaw engine which makes 3.33hp SAE at 7,500 rpm stock but is LOUD. Leaning towards friction drive but still researching.

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    Well, we're glad you joined up.

    Plenty of good info to be found here. You'll have fun.
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    Welcome, welcome all of us are very glad you are here.
    I like to try projects from scratch but they always fail. Hope you have fun.


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    I generally acomplish projects I tackle, just takes sompe planning, measuring, drawing, and mock ups.