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  1. Quadranut

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    Greetings to All

    I will be purchasing a kit for a 60 mile round trip daily PROBABLY tomorrow. Just wanted to let you all know that your insights and funny stories have made me realize that fixing the old farm wagon ain't worth it and I am too old to pedal that far any more. BTW a 66 cc or a 48 cc for that far of a daily commute ? ( I will post that question in the proper column ).


  2. bluegoatwoods

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    Hello Red,

    60 mile round trip is a bit on the long side. But it shouldn't be impossible if you're a serious, committed rider.

    You'll want to be focused on comfort. A shock absorbing front fork at a minimum. Probably a shock absorbing seat post and good padded gloves.

    I'd also suggest a cargo trailer so that you can carry a good tool kit and the various clothing you'll want for different weather, etc.
  3. Quadranut

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    LOL B G W

    Better half thinks I am nuts for doing this, but hey, new job 2 weeks without a paycheck ......... What's a guy to do ? Eh ? and oh yeah I get to ride the trail for 25 of those miles.

    The trailer is in the works and hopefully gonna order the kit today (Friday )

    let ya know how it all works out


  4. scokes

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    Red, i would look into putting a 1 gallon tank on instead of the standard 1/2. I ride 22 miles daily and can make at least two trips on one tank. I usually fill her up before i leave the house anyways because i have been known to take extended detours if the weather is nice enough. I ran out of gas once about 4 miles from home and believe me, pedaling these heavy monsters can be a real chore. (I actually pedaled a bike the 22 mile commute all of last summer before i bought a motor, so i feel i am in fairly good shape and pedaling for 3 or 4 miles now tires me out.

    Good luck with the build and remember to break her in gently first before the long haul.