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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Bushman, Jul 10, 2010.

  1. Bushman

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    Hi everyone. I am currently working on my first build. Actually I'm working on two of them. I will need help and know this is a great place to find it from what I have read so far. I just got the first one running yesterday and have a minor problem that I will post for help on later today. I am a manufacturing engineer with of machining and CAD/CAM programming experience. I am looking forward to maybe building some specialized parts. Anyway, nice to meet you all.

  2. fm2200

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    You sound somewhat over qualified for this low tech hobby. I'm sure there are things here that you can learn from, there are a lot of good tips and innovated ideas. Some of these guys are dyed in the wool mechanical know it all's. I have lots of years of mechanical knowledge in jet aircraft,(4 yrs in Air Force) motorcycle's, cars and trucks. I drive mostly old cars and motorcycles the newest car I have is a 1994 Chrysler Concord, the oldest 1988 Chevy pickup. Welcome to the forum and good luck.
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    Welcome to the forum. We tend to make parts out of things we have laying around. Maybe you can add your hi-tech skills to come up with some really cool stuff.
  4. Bushman

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    I to enjoy the challenge of making things work with whatever I have laying around. I am looking forward to a build from scratch from an older bike. I am presently keeping an eye open at garage sales etc.
  5. fm2200

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    The most important thing is having adequate brakes. Bicycle brakes are ok for low speeds but if you get up to 20+ the standard brakes of a bicycle won't do it. This may sound like your father talking but this is real important.