Hello from Woodland Hills, CA, USA!

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    Hello all..... I am a 45 year old Man who in the best traditions of "Home Mechanics" made his first powered pedal bike at the age of 15 and was then grounded for 3 weeks as my dad wanted his weed whacker back! ( i had kinda modified it with a saw, a grinder and it never did go back together)

    I graduated to all things more powerfull ( Gsxr's, XV1699, BMW K's & R's, XT600's etc....) then decided when I lost my job tonight to just take it easier..... put a motor on my Mountain Buike... and have fun again!

    Anyone got any tips on what 2 stroke engine is the best off Ebay?


  2. bluegoatwoods

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    Hi Martyn and welcome aboard.

    I'm sure you'll enjoy MB'ing.

    I'm reluctant to recommend one particular vendor. But if you look through these threads, you'll find vendor reviews. Having read them, you'll be able to choose your vendor with confindence.

    Have fun and we'll see you around.